Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Grounds For Daddy!

A little background:
I am a wife to my husband Tom, and a mother to my baby boy Coulter. I work one day a week, Tuesdays, at The Furniture House in Luverne. Half of the time Coulter is with Grandma Thone and the other half he is home bonding with daddy.
Sometime during my second half of my shift I am bound to get a call from daddy asking all the "What do I do if..." and "How do I do that..." questions.

Well, this week we have a sick boy. Coulter has had many many (uncountable) dirty diapers today! Poor little booty. He has been in at least 5 outfits and hoping to stay in number 5 till morning.
Well, during that second part of my shift---somewhere between a napping baby and Tom calling me frantic--Coulter MESSED himself AND the crib!

Tom: (calling me at work, waiting for me to pick up) "What do I do...?"
Me: "Put him in the tub and give him a bath!"
Tom: "What about his crib?"
Me: "Take him out of his crib and I'll clean it when I get home."
Tom: Bye
Me: Bye

One-Two minutes later...(Tom calling from in the bathroom)
Tom: "I'm not very good at this."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Tom: "The bath."
Me: "You're learning it's ok. Is Coulter clean yet?"
Tom: "Not yet. He's in the tub, but his diaper is still on."
Me: "Take the diaper off...!"

Enough said!


Sara said...

I am laughing out loud!


stephanie said...

that makes two of us! Now, was the crib in order when you got back?

Tiffany said...

Sara...I am too. Laughing out loud that is!!! Stace you got a funny one on your hands. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's great!!! Poor Tom, hope he's not embarassed by all the girl giggles out here:)

Knew you'd made a blog, Stacey, but didn't find it until today. It looks great!!! Coulter is just absolutely gorgeous, too!! Can't wait to come back and check you out now:)

Desirae said...

Uhhh Tom, you are such a good dad! Remember back when you wouldn't change diapers?? We are just being entertained by your funny stories and cute pictures! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Tom, Dad wants to know if you want to go fishing on Memorial Day!! Vic and Darin would like to know!! :)